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Technology is a crucial component of any company, and keeping things running smoothly is part of any business’ success.

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Whether you need assistance in network design, virtualization and centralized storage, dedicated servers, or something else, we are here to help..

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We are well respected in New England for high quality managed services and for the strengths and experience of our managed services team.


We search the tri-state area for a new IT service provider for over 2 months.  We interviewed over 6 providers that we found that we felt were not “working out of their garage” and were professionals.  After checking references, consulting with other friends at other corporations, we found East Coast Technology Group, owned by Steven J. Gietz. After only working with his firm for a month, it was clear that their group not only knew what they were doing, were very organized, personable and so…
Mark GothemPresidentFinancial Data Corporation, Massachusetts